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Safety of CO2 Tube

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Laminated safety glass is employed in the viewing window to block 10.6 and 9.3 micron laser radiation transmission from CO2 lasers,allowing safe observation of laser material processing. The viewing window is optical density 5+ for 10.6 and 9.3 micron laser radiation.Do not operate the laser system if the view port is damaged,with any of the doors removed,or if any of the safety interlocks are defeated.

The intense light that appears during the laser engraving, marking or cutting process is the product of material combustion or vaporization.DO NOT STARE AT THIS INTENSE LIGHT FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME OR VIEW DIRECTLY WITH OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS SUCH AS BINOCULARS OR MICROSCOPES.

This device contains a visible Red Laser Pointer(Class 2)to aid in positioning material to be cut,marked or engraved.DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY INTO THE RED LASER BEAM OR USE A REFLECTIVE SURFACE TO REDIRECT OR VIEW THE RED LASER BEAM.Never attempt to view the red laser beam using optical instruments such as binoculars or microscopes.

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