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Description of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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Fiber Laser cutting technology has only been around for a few years,but it has quickly established itself as a complimentary and competitive cutting process compared to traditional CO2 laser cutting technology and plasma and waterjet cutting technolgy.


The fiber optic technology enables more flexible table integration without the table size restrictions associated with CO2 lasers.Being three times more energy efficient the CO2,Jinan Xieqi Fiber Laser cutting systems are a cost-effective solution for fine-featured cutting capability with no mirrors to maintain and calibrate and no lasering gases required.


Because Fiber Laser can easily integrate into a wider range of cutting machine applications(compared to CO2) and is significantly more affordable to operate,Jinan Xieqi enables more steel fabricators to add high-precision cutting capability to their operations to achieve superior cut quality and tolerance for fine featured cutting on materials from gauge to plate thickness while able to cut titanium,brass, mild steel,copper,aluminum,stainless steel,and more.

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