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Dot Peen Marking Machine with Table

1.Marking automatically with whatever characters,such as Chinese,English,graphic,serial number.
2.Smart and portable,easy to carry.
3.Numerous option for fonts,supporting edit fonts.
4.Marking depth is adjustable by controlling the marking pin.
  • TH-D

  • TH Laser

  • Dot Peen Marking

Productions description

1.Pneumatic marking machine is automatically incremented and the value optional.

2.The software can be auto updated with auto adjustment and trace.

3.As the marking location changes,the marking needle can move to the new location.

4.Input methods using manual input,made by different contents of different type of print documents.

5.This machine with graphics editor print function,the user can use AUTOCAD editing some simple graphics.Many characters for optional,as more than 200 types English characters.It can mark different characters same time with the rotary angles.

6.There is external routine interface in the software.Through the SQL script,it can connect the external database.

7.Automatically marking function after start without human intervention.

Techanical Parameter



Controller Types


Marking Range


Marking Speed Range


Marking Depth Range

0.05~1.0mm(According To The Materials)

Compressed Air Pressure


System Functions

1,Mark Character Input,Editing,Marking

2,VIN Code Automatically Calculated,Setting,Marking

3,Serial Number Setting,Automatically Increase,Marking

4,Tag Data Query,Reporting,Print

5,Characters,Graphics,English Character Editing

Marked Font Size

Arbitrary Adjustable

Tag Character Content

0~9 Figures,A~Zlarge,Lowercase Letters Graphics,Characters

(Users Can Be Random Homemade)

Operating  Voltage

110V/220V 50HZ ±10%

Machine Power


Marking Direction


Working   Environment

Temperature:5~+35°C   Humidity:≤80% Room


Insulation Resistance:Normal Atmospheric Pressure≥5MΩ/500V

Electric Strength:~50HZ/1500V/1min

Leakage Current:≤0.75Ma

Gross Weight


Advantages Of The Machine

Dot Peen Marking Machine is the equipment of high integrated controller and marking head, without the need to communicate with PC, which is specially applied in limitative space product line. The control software bases on Windows platform and it can mark the serial number as well as communicating with other computers.

The marking machine dot peen can mark figures and Chinese/English characters on work piece of various materials, including the fields ofautomobile, motorcycle, mechanism, petroleum, aeronautical and space, electric apparatus and suitable for markings on steel, metal, nonmetal and hard plastic materials.

Applicable material:
Low consumables, non-toxic and no pollution, suitable for coding the non-metal materials, such as paper, plastic, thin film, tinfoil, timber, glass, PVC, ABS, IC and so on; applied to a variety of industries, like food, beverage, medicine, tobacco, leather, package, building materials, cosmetic and electron component, etc. Can be used with our company homemade assembly line working stage or existing assembly line directly.
Applicable industries:
Widely used in leather, food, beverage, cloth, electronic, meter, communication instruments, package and other industries, can be combined with streamline for online marking.



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