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Control Card Advantages

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Hardware advantages

1.Smart refers to a built-in embedded computer system that does not require a computer,and a laser marking control system is pre-installed. 

2.VGA signal output,universal display. 

3.The output of the expansion port,the output IO port can be set by software.Wiring is simple. 

4.Can be used in conjunction with PLC,screw rob,weighing equipment and computer. 

5.The control board is relatively small and takes up little space,which is convenient for installation.

Software advantages 

1.System software development type,providing customer upgrade.And can provide customer OEM customization.The system startup screen and program interface can be modified by themselves. 

2.The software has high precision and the speed reaches microsecond level. 

3.Multi-level operation login to prevent personnel from randomly changing system parameters and misoperation. 

4.Support one-click update to solve tedious maintenance problems. 

5.Operation supports multiple languages.

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